Purposemore Gem


Every action is a creative act.  As such, there are infinite possible manifestations of a single idea. When one considers a set of ideas and how they can be autonomous, but connected together, they manifest a particular balance. 

Purposemore Gems exemplify this idea of balance, as each plane is hand ground and polished through eight grit stages with the objective of obtaining balance while at rest on every side.   

Selection of each plane is done by look and feel during grit stages 1&2.  As the planes progress through the stages, flatness and balance is more difficult to maintain. 

In this life of infinite possibilities, how we move toward putting it all together effects us and everything else correlating to that context.  Each perspective we focus on, each action of our life matters—each is important.


This concrete was made in 2008 with recycled glass and limestone fines Dustin collected from a quarry located in Arkansas. This was during the second year of his concrete research and recipe development. 

This object began as a handful of left overs from a tabletop casting and was sculpted in February 2015.

There are two Purposemore Gems made from this batch of concrete.      


  • Approximately 3" diameter 
  • 52 sides
  • 12.2 oz or 347 grams