5ing Antique Insulators


Raised on a farm in central California, Perry Albert Earl (Dustin's grandfather) honed the principle of making the most with what is at hand. Paired with his ingenuity, he often employed tools in jobs they were not originally foreseen to perform. He originally repurposed these antique telephone line insulators in his garden for decorating and securing a cable trellis to espalier his fruit trees.  He definitely influenced us in how we think about design and use of objects.
Hand planing and sanding through nine different grit levels, the planters sit squarely on what use to be a round top. Some have been sanded to a frosted finish and meticulously cleaned. They are ready for many more years of functional and aesthetic pleasure.
The perfect piece of history that brings nature to your desk or windowsill. 
Comes with Plant Care Suggestions  and an Air Plant of your choosing.
We made approximately 20 and don't have make anymore.  Each is unique—perfectly imperfect. 


Type: Insulator