What is life, What is love, What is creativity

"Mutually-expansive-shared-value" is a phrase we use to communicate an understanding about some ideas which carry the ability to create uniquely beneficial experiences and/or variables in one's life.  The funny thing about phrases is that they are limited in their ability to communicate the interconnectedness of all the ideas in our lives.  Ideas usually intermingle with different contexts by sometimes holding different meanings.  E.g., love is one such idea. There are countless possible actions which can be described as being "love".  For us, the greatest display of Love has been most excellently demonstrated in God's love to us through Jesus Christ.  We believe Jesus Christ has enabled our free and creative ability to Love in this infinite way. His life of love communicates to us the idea that despite relentless opposition from evil, there are limitless opportunities to live a love abounding life.  Freedom to live as one uniquely chooses is all made possible by The Creators Love.  Creative life abounds and we're kinda stoked about it!