Our love for mutually-expansive-shared value drives our "business model".  We approach design with an understanding and love for systems thinking; as such, that process is connected to the way we operate our business.  We understand business as the potential to integrate a life work balance that resonates with individual wellness and flows into our collective social-cultural wellness.  We believe numerous small actions create substantial outcomes, so we've been integrating these ideas with philanthropic action since the start of our business in 2012.
The Contribute Project was our first declaration of awesome.  We gave support to Traveling Stories, a 501c3 non-profit who is outsmarting poverty one book at a time.  With our funding amount, we matched Kickstarter & Amazon fees and donated that portion to Traveling Stories.  To High Five our value for quality and legacy, a percentage of future sells from Contribute Pens and Cases will go towards helping fund Traveling Stories and their mission to improve life-quality for others. /// 
Check out the impact Traveling Stories is making!
Whole Foods in Del Mar invited us to join their annual fundraiser for Whole Planet Foundation.  We created a Air Purifying Succulent workshop at our first location in Del Mar and donated a percentage of the workshop cost to the cause.  
In March of 2016, 5ing donated a percentage of income to 1 to 1 Movement for their campaign to build their mobile learning farm—Stacked.  In September, we teamed with 1 to 1 Movement & Vintage Timberworks and donated our design skills and resources toward creating a custom Elevate installation which will is a permanent part of the Stacked Mobile Learning Farm!
Since July 2016 We've committed to donate 10% of every Legacy Table sold to Generate Hope, a 501-c3 non-profit empowering sex trafficing survivors.  Generate Hope "provides individualized support to work through past trauma until the women reach the ability to live independently and become a positive influence on their communities and future generations".