5ing is an expression you feel when all the good things about what you're experiencing or doing together with your friend culminate with a HIGH5.
We are passionate about systems-design thinking and helping educate people about what that is and how it looks in our culture and lives.  This way of thinking and doing influences our designs and the way we conduct our business.
Here are Some Examples of How We Are 5ing
We are explorers of first-principles which connect ideas and interactions that follow.
Because we view life as a culminating creative pursuit, we set out to exemplify that business is personal—business is doing life with others as a result of very personal thoughts & actions.
We get how business can be like a boundary and boundaries are good, but we are passionate about using business as a tool for designing mutually-expansive-shared-value beyond one time purchase transactions.  
Our pursuit of integrating life with business motivates us to commemorate our products with good ideas and active work which contributes mutually-expansive-shared value.  Simply put, this means ideas and actions that keep on giving to others despite the original source or defining act.  We want to share with others in creating systems and projects that create & sustain a healthy and well quality of life for ourselves & others.
We are contributors who have been given a legacy of Love & Grace and we are creating upon that foundation.