5ing is an integrative design studio specializing in their proprietary recipe of engineered concrete and the integration of eco+health conscious materials.  From lighting, to furniture, and store displays, we create and promote design objects that nurture & edify the people and spaces they rest and flourish in.  In all things, we focus on contributions of added value that achieve legacies of use. We endeavor to live with healthy, invigorating objects and design principles to ensure the full experience of goodness with the interactions that follow.  



photo of dustin by: john newsome

We are passionate about custom design and quality that lasts for legacies-physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually.  Our products are designed and built by Dustin Faddis or team members who are happily integrating their live-work objectives.  
We are currently relocating to the central coast in Carmel Valley, CA.