Plus Planter


Once considered not good enough, these hardwoods are transformed by 5ing to sculpturally house your air plant.  We think of them as little symbols for infinite possibilities.    
The process of making them is an act of acknowledging how some parts sometimes just don't fit a given system, but the additional work toward creating a new system for parts that would have otherwise been tossed aside and devalued is worth while.
Plus Planters are the perfect size for desktop, table, or windowsill spaces.  
All are sealed with a plant-based acrylic-urethane, or pine/linseed oil which are considered to be the most non-toxic through their entire life cycle.
Each planter comes with the healthiest air plant we have in stock and a care guide to ensure you will grow air plants for generations to come!
Select an available air plant display or email us with your desired hardwood or concrete combination.  

Collections: Plus Planters

Category: plant podium, sculpture

Type: Planter


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