5ing Legacy Dining Table


Clients David and Parvati commissioned Dustin to make this 5ing Legacy Dining Table.  We found a rough slab at Jax Design Shop and were able to take the clients to Jack's studio to pick out the slab.  

Jack cut the slab from a storm-fallen Monterey Cypress tree located across from Pannikin in Encinitas.  

Because of considerable rot and bug damage, concrete inlays were a must.

The clients quarried some turquoise and requested the pieces could be set within the concrete inlay.  All damaged areas had to be cleaned, sculpted, and sanded, but this made for an exceptionally sculpted and unique table.  

Table Legs are made from polished 5ing concrete and accompany casters designed by Adriano Design. 

  A hand rubbed application of a proprietary pine and all natural linseed-mineral oil-distilled from citrus & flax seed (no toxic mineral spirits or metals are used) provides water repellency & durability.  The finish is additionally preserved with a beeswax/linseed top coat. Safe for the earth and humans through all its life stages.


72” L x 24"-34" W x 30” H x 3” thick

Total Weight 170lbs

For interest in custom furniture, email design@5ing.us

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