Attempting Poetry

by 5ing 5ing July 14, 2015

Have you ever felt that sense of historical inept-ness when you are unfamiliar with a distinguished artist?  As if one should know of every artist in their respective field or related discipline.  I don't believe omniscience is a pre-requisite for one's presence in the dialogue of fine art, but such a feeling slaps me in the face.  Today is one those times as I watched what is The Best Series on Nowness, In Residence, featuring Xavier Corbero

Upon further curiosity, I was delighted to read,  

"I think a sculpture, is something theological or liturgical, oriented to religious feeling, but in a very open manner. In other words it is obvious that nature itself is something that is bigger than a little human bastard. And that this feeling is why you become a sailor, or I became an artisan, in my case, because I know that there is something in nature that overwhelms me more than myself, more than humanity. And I think that sculpture from the very beginning of time has always been something to remind you of that."



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